SatinMinions Idea Taming Iskath
Story Idea:

The residents of Iskath have been terrorized by disturbances centered around the monastery. Several of the monks have been acting strangely and despite their vow against the arts, demonic influence is suspected.

Mistress Vallochar, a half-demon succubus, has been dispatched to subdue the problem. Her talents, both physical and super-natural, will be put to the test as she subjugates her adversaries, punishes new pets, and bewitches her way to the bottom of this mystery.

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2022-03-02 23:13:060 ♡
Wow awesome this sounds really good!
Dingleberry Blonde 2022-06-16 21:30:550 ♡
Uhhh, h'huh, h'huh, h'huh, "...her way to the 'bottom'"!!