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Story Idea:

In the modern world the ability to summon demons is rare. Those gifted with the power are expected work hard, study, and bring out the best of their abilities. One summoner, desperately trying to manifest a humanoid familiar, inadvertently makes a very generous offering - and she simply cannot resist!

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IVoteDomesticDemon 2022-06-09 21:28:420 ♡
Oh man pleeeeease do this one! Ive been wanting to see more stuff with the brunette for a while, shes easily my favourite character of yours!
JaneyGurl 2022-06-12 06:32:491 ♡
In some story shorts this character is with a demon girl and sometimes a male demon. Is it the same character? The demon transforms gender at will?
Admin 2022-06-16 04:02:101 ♡
Just playing around with the character a bit. Her familiar transforming back and forth is one idea.

Another idea is that since the bespectacled summoner has a talent for manifesting humanoid demons, she ends up serving as an ambassador of sorts.