SatinMinions Girl In Mirror Post Shower
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Twilightkitten 2010-05-21 13:51:571 ♡
Purrdy!Although, the left arm looks somewhat strange near the shoulder. And the arm position seems to be different than the mirror image.Also, naturally, with so much steam in the air, there shouldn't be anything to be seen in the mirror. (Just a few thoughts of mine)
2010-05-21 20:19:561 ♡
It's almost as if some compromises were made with respect to the realistic simulation of water vapor condensation in order to facilitate a less obstructed view of the female's secondary sex characteristics - namely her well developed mammary region. This sort of chicanery is surely without precedent! :monacle pop:
2010-10-06 07:36:261 ♡
oh how i do so long to lok in the mirror and to see a girl looking back at me and themn jsut knowing that i am finally seeing my real self for you see i really am just a girl and she wants out she wants to take me over and transform me into girlhood at long last and then i will be female for good i want this so bad jsut to be the girl in the mirror and the one looking at her as well both of us are oine and the same and we are female!
2010-10-06 07:37:380 ♡
i want breast and a pussy [lease to be all soft and round and female please it is what i have alwaya wanted jsut to be a girl at last!
JTGcineHARtvSZ 2012-12-30 19:54:580 ♡
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Admin 2012-12-31 21:27:082 ♡
>I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage

Well, spam bot, you've come to the right place! Every one of these lovely ladies is a certified lending specialist. Just have a seat and someone will be right with you.
2013-06-11 18:43:391 ♡
oh yes this is what i would just love to see looking back at me from the mirrior i wish i were a blonde girl with nice breast and a pussy rounded hip's for carrying babies a nice butt!