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Steven 2016-02-21 16:13:230 ♡
Admin 2016-02-21 16:33:090 ♡
Super Saiyan, a transformation state from the popular anime Dragon Ball Z. It involves screaming a lot and making hair turn yellow and stand up, thereby increasing your power level.
2016-02-22 02:47:341 ♡
<3 the idea of a super saiyan tg transformation
ubo 2016-03-05 20:53:021 ♡
Wow, to have such mastery of conveying your character's feelings, you clearly are really talented. This was fun to look at. :)
2016-03-06 05:36:361 ♡
Lol, love it a lot. Ssj is grand
Me 2016-03-06 07:58:101 ♡
She is very hot. How much to purchase her service?
Katoan 2016-03-06 16:58:471 ♡
Row 1 - cool.
Row 2 - a lot of these differences are really subtle.
Row 5 - 24 expressions is a lot, that's impressive.
Row 6 - good expressions, that last o- Super Saiyan? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
me 2 2016-03-09 19:49:500 ♡
A female ssj? I know she was once a guy, but this is still stretching the realm of possibility.
Incorrect me 2 2016-03-09 23:57:050 ♡
"the Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files implies that Pan has the potential to transform and might have become a type of Super Saiyan never seen before. Female Super Saiyans have since appeared in video games, including Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball: Xenoverse." Note pan has gone ssj in cannon.
me 2 2016-03-11 15:32:460 ♡
Not that it ever showed, plus gt isn't even cannon as stated by akira toriyama who came back from the dead just to Decannonize it. Also it my last comment was ment as a joke XD.
Me 2 2016-03-13 09:14:090 ♡
if you look at Akira imdb he is listed as director and writer of gt furthermore he approved a manga to be adapted into a manga which he sanctioned and was compensated for. Only when it turned out to not help the work did he distance himself. Personally he made it he wrote it he had control of it at the time it was cannon. an example of this everyone knows Han shot first but Disney bought Star Wars now he didn't. Protect the original vision of the artist even if they change their minds at a later date even if they said it.
Admin 2016-03-13 23:56:040 ♡
The real thing preventing her from going super saiyan is that she's not a saiyan.
JerseyDanielGibson 2018-08-05 17:35:200 ♡
Most of these are artfully done that the descriptor isn't needed. And facial expressions aren't easy. Everyone is commenting on the Super Saiyan one (which made me chuckle) but my favos were the Silly and the Enraged ones. The Enraged one got me thinking Hulk Mode, while the silly one just simply nailed it; it's goofy!