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Redd 2013-03-18 01:33:582 ♡
OMG, brand new stuff, thank you very much!!
dartman 2013-03-18 23:01:272 ♡
well now such a bit of humiliation and acceptance . very refreshing and nicely
executed. their looks are exquisite
Chris 2013-03-19 08:30:261 ♡
Hail to the king! :P
Eric 2013-03-20 05:04:391 ♡
I wonder if its parties like this where she caught him in the first place, I'd totally go if I could put her on her knees before me :)
Celine 2014-05-04 20:01:221 ♡
mmmmmmm breeding I hope
Cameron 2019-07-09 05:01:421 ♡
It's images like this that make me wish her power of altering bodies was real
Your Quiet Neighbor 2019-09-20 10:52:180 ♡
I'd love to see this scenario happen to Allison -- hopefully witness her getting tag-teamed by two or three male demons taking turns destroying all three of her holes at once!!
SF 2023-02-26 05:44:021 ♡
does stable diffusion work in situations with two characters like this? or would you have to split them up them recomposite them?
Admin 2023-02-26 21:33:504 ♡
This turned into a minor blog post, don't mind me:

Stable diffusion works best on single character scenes in standard poses. Pinups basically. It's also pretty good at backgrounds.

The issue is that it doesn't reliably understand relative conditional statements or adjectives. So if you prompt it "a blue ball on top of a red box", it will give you that... sometimes - but you'll also get random combinations of red, blue, ball and box. It gets worse the more adjectives and conditionals you add in.

In the case of multiple characters it's almost impossible to apply the conditionals correctly. If you say "a woman with tan skin and red hair putting bunny ears on a kneeling woman with short blonde hair wearing a red leather bustier", you're gonna get red hair on both of them a because that's a common thing and you have the "red" token in there twice. It's also going to screw up normal features twice as much because there are more things in the scene. Even getting a single character that looks good often requires rolling the dice dozens of times because random bits will be screwed up.

I have done some multiple character scenes by inpainting each part individually, but the problem is you end up with a slightly different style and lighting on each part. Plus it's very time consuming. The patchwork look is a problem even on single character composite images, it's easy to accidentally stray into something that looks like a collage or that un-tooned homer simpson meme. The recent gold dress pinup kind of strays into that territory.

Dall-E is better at comprehension but it's proprietry and too large of a model to run on consumer hardware at this time. I'm generally not interested in AI models that I can't run locally and I'm especially disinterested in corporate mandated artificial brain damage. Even if you're not trying to make edgy stuff, unfiltered models are just better because they have a more complete understanding of the world. Even stable diffusion has fallen into the "trust and safety" trap and it looks like future developments will have to be underground.

The control net extension, which I used to make the latest Alison pic, is a major improvement, but it still doesn't solve multiple characters or animations. I think the possibility is there. I could see something being added like a segmentation map where each segment could be given different prompts. Temporal stability has been shown to be possible in things like nvidia's styleGAN, and some newer text-to-video models. At some point you will be able to go from a sketch animation to a perfect render. The capability in the AI model is there, it just needs to be activated appropriately. Similar to how chat-gpt is an activation layer on top of gpt-3.

I've done a lot of AI tinkering instead of drawing lately, and some people don't like it - but I hope everyone can appreciate that this an existential crisis in art. Lots of people are in "anger" and "denial" stages of grief. I've had some truly bizarre discussions on other forums where I try to demonstrate SD's ability to generate backgrounds and they will start picking apart some 3 pixel high blob of a bush in the distance because it's not an exact technical drawing. Like, have you ever seen a painting by a person? Bob Ross? The guy just smooshed his brush on the canvas and it looks great. A bunch of people were upset that netflix made an anime short using AI for the backgrounds - but tons of anime have been using crappily filtered stock photographs and 3D models for backgrounds for decades, AI could only improve this situation. Even big budget titles frequently use painted over photographs because even among artists, very few people can generate an accurate scene entirely from their mind.

A big problem is that a lot of people are walking around without any comprehension of what they're looking at or reading or listening to. They just make value judgements based on surface level traits that, in the past, have reliably served as proxies for quality. There's a bunch of big words here? Must be wr
Admin 2023-02-26 21:34:343 ♡
-itten by a smart person. This painting has lots of detail? Must be a good artist. But now AI is here that can generate surface level bullshit on demand. An offhand comment can become an essay, a doodle can become a painting. For some people, their entire way of judging things is being disrupted. Now the content and specificity of a work needs to be understood, and that is much more difficult.

I am not above this frustration myself. AI is used to crap flood plausible looking content onto all platforms now. I find myself quickly checking images for the tell-tale signs of AI, listening for verbal ticks in youtube shorts, just to quickly determine if I should ignore them. But it ain't going away. In the future there is going to be more AI in the world, not less. It's better to understand it than be taken by surprise.
Yepa 2023-02-28 23:21:371 ♡
There is no doubt that fine tuning descriptors, cherry-picking outputs, and inpainting is more complicated / time consuming than at first glance. They lead to some stunning results! But the end product isnt anything we havent seen a million times before. I didnt become a patron to see AI generations of older images of Alison and others in an anime or realistic style. I became one for the amazing erotic comics and characters! And I stay as a patron to support an nsfw artist that I love!

Despite all of that, I still think that it has a place here! A couple AI generations have been great and its clear that others really dig it! I just wish that AI broke up the stream of drawings and comics and not the other way around.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2023-07-25 01:03:120 ♡
There's another gender-swap artist out there whose name escapes me at this time. This Allison-Valochar forced bunnygirl cosplay reminds me of this other artist's flagship series "Raan's Doll" (...or, at least, I'm about 90% sure that that's the title)
PigDilly 2024-06-08 16:58:310 ♡
You're thinking kannel