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Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-01-20 00:10:010 ♡
Q&A: Would you consider adding a new tag for "running mascara"?

I know that I do this a lot and hope that you're not getting annoyed with these tag suggestions of mine

But some people out there (not necessarily myself amongst them, mind you) do happen to have a fetish for running mascara; so, maybe you should consider validating their specialized interest -- even if this particular image might be the only one of yours that remotely satisfies it
Admin 2024-01-26 08:05:011 ♡
I'm not sure I want to go full booru style tags on everything, but I'll add this one for you.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-07-06 06:22:130 ♡
Thanks for indulging this tag request!