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tramp54 2023-11-27 21:42:086 ♡
Looking forward to seeing her again! *Cough cough* Bikini *cough cough*
exigy 2023-11-27 22:54:074 ♡
the heavier lines are fun it makes it feel a little like an old disney cartoon
jlv61560 2023-11-28 00:57:0311 ♡
I'd sure love to see the next chapter of Lighter Chains one of these days!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2023-11-28 16:19:041 ♡

I'd love to see what Allison would look like deepthroating Torrin's meaty cock whil wearing a super-slutty Lolita-style outfit complete with the sunglasses with the heart-shaped lenses and and a lacy choker around her dainty neck with a tiny "daddy's girl" pendant dangling from it

(Alternatively, I'd love to see her in action while modeling an especially girly baby doll lingerie set)
wheeeeeha 2023-11-29 15:08:144 ♡
I too would enjoy watching Allisons training continue sir.
Tiger_Driver91 2023-12-03 10:16:373 ♡
I wonder if we'll ever see an Allison ENF, maybe on a stage or in a crowded area, that be fun.
Yepa 2023-12-03 21:07:593 ♡
What's an ENF?

Also, Satin, you always do a bang up job on the fluids. I love how her drool flows down her chin and wisps away (although now that im writing this, the middle saliva strand seems to disappear for a few frames). Super hot
Admin 2023-12-03 22:08:176 ♡
ENF = Embarrassed nude female

One idea I had is to add some different drool patterns to get more mileage out of the basic loop and build it into a larger sequence. Something like the "Sparring with Violet" short.
NewGirl99 2024-03-01 16:09:154 ♡
She love sucking dick. I wish I was her.
Mrsd 2024-05-18 14:39:190 ♡
Iwannabeher so bad