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CR 2020-06-17 19:42:053 ♡
Her face and body language say something like "Yah I go tthis"
2020-06-19 22:19:154 ♡
She's more than accepted her new place in life, she's an active participant. Even when she's on top, he's taking her from behind. Makes me hella thirsty!
Sign @ The X 2020-06-21 12:09:554 ♡
What I love about this image is how it shows the contrast of Allison's beginnings vs. her present situation -- how far she's come from the vicious, yet ultimately futile, animosity she felt towards her Mistress for gender-swapping her against her will and turning her into a magically-controlled/demonically-possessed sex-slave who resented having to live in a body that was such a ridiculously exaggerated caricature of feminine form and characteristics and being broken and bottomed so utterly and completely by her Mistress while she was being trained in the arts of sexual slavery and conditioned to accept her new role to where she now fully owns the femininity of her transformed body and the physicality of its anatomy and now knows how to use it to maximize the sexual pleasure experience of whichever partner(s) is having sex with her and fully enjoy the experience herself as she feels them climax inside her!
me 2020-06-23 05:45:393 ♡
Holy run on sentences
me too 2020-06-24 02:13:123 ♡
Eh, I still jerked off to it