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2022-08-08 21:06:290 ♡
...only two fingers?! Allison had one hell of a tight gash early-on after her forced-transition!!

Q&A @ the Admin:

If this is an image canon to the ongoing story of Lighter Chains, about where can it be placed in the timeline of her conditioning, issue-wise? If I were to hazard a guess, based upon how short her hair is and how her body language seems to indicate that she's still acclimating herself to her newly-acquired anatomy, I'm gonna go with either Vol. 1 or 2 -- or, perhaps, 1.5.
Admin 2022-08-10 03:38:551 ♡
Volume 1 and 2 are packed fairly tightly together, it's a continuous series of events. You could slot this in somewhere after the end of Vol.2 and before page 19 of Vol.3 - that's when she decides she's being too easily swept up in things like this.