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2020-03-02 13:04:391 ♡
Weve been teased with tons of artwork depicting Alison with the eponymous lighter chains over the years and I cant wait until we see what they represent and how she gets them.
2020-03-25 06:42:391 ♡
Maybe it's just the pose, but is Allison sporting a subtle baby bump here?
gnome_man 2020-04-01 05:01:161 ♡
When Alison was first changed over he/she was a cornflower yellow blonde. After her first time with him, and I would imagine quite a few more times, since she had been working at the cafeteria for a while, she was still a cornflower blonde. Now, she is a dark blonde. I believe this happened when she fucked Torrin with his demon mojo on full. What does that mean for her and her possible growth as a sorcerer? Or do the blue glows mean something entirely different?

And the previous picture shows her wearing a wrap around her throat, obscuring her "lighter chains." Could they have become so light that she returned to her homeland on a spying mission?

I don't think a slave would be allowed to hide her chains, even those as light as hers, for any minor reason. But, I wouldn't be surprised that Torrin and Esma (Mistress Vallochar) have plans for her.
Admin 2020-04-02 14:13:261 ♡
Some day you'll uncover the truth.
gnome_man 2020-04-08 04:59:400 ♡
I'll hang around. Interesting stuff here. Though you have to keep your eyes open.
2020-05-11 16:40:072 ♡
I like how youre exploring different styles with her. I love the ponytail! I have always thought that ponytails add an emphasis to a womans face and that is really captured well here. Look at those big blue eyes!