Mikietalks 2019-10-12 17:32:29
Lighter Chains 29
Dangit, slipped finger on my tablet while typing this in bed and slid right on the post button, lol!
Anyway, I typically read for my horny fix, hehe, so spend quite a bit of time on Literotica, usually getting my perversion on in the incest section ;)
There's just something too delicious about a good Daddy/daughter(s) or Big Brother/little sister story! Whew! Occasionally though I like to go Manga with it though, so yesterday I was on some site reading/viewing stories, then got off topic looking at other stuff.
... That's when I ran across Lighter Chains 4. Wow!!
Now I'm a str8 guy, married, etc., But like a lot of others, I'm sure, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a hot girl, hehe. Nice, long orgasms, a lot easier to get laid. (Why most women that are in decent shape with even just plain to average girl-next-door looks don't know that they can pretty much just pick any guy they wander across, walk up to him and say 'Hi handsome! Let's go to the nearest store, you buy a box of condoms while I stare at your butt, then take me back to your place. I'll blow you to ease your tension, you lick my pussy till I'm screaming to get me warmed up, then I want you to fuck me senseless,twice! ...if you please!'
...and do that with a fair margin of success ;)

Anyway, they didn't have the other chapters so I hightailed it over here and voraciously consumed all the chapters! ...and yeah, the whole master/slave thing is a huge turn on too!!
Thanks for the great stories!!
Mikietalks 2019-10-12 16:56:19
Lighter Chains 29
I typically mostly read for my horny