blahblah 2014-09-29 05:29:17
I can see the animation in the thumbnail. It's not a big deal since it's not like anybody is going to be masturbating to a one square inch image but still.
Admin 2014-09-29 22:17:20
I set it up that way. I could change it, but I think people should be able to see what they're missing to some extent. We'll see how it goes.
blahblah 2014-09-30 06:48:56
Oh okay, yeah that's smart I guess. Nothing gets people opening their wallets faster than a good cock-tease.
scoo6asteve 2014-10-13 20:38:38
It looks brilliant. How soon is it complete/public?
Admin 2014-10-13 20:51:18
Right now pages go up on patreon once a week, then go up for the public a week later.
David 2014-12-10 09:30:45
How does the patreon think work?
Admin 2014-12-11 03:05:16
>How does the patreon thing work?

Patreon is a crowd funding site for on-going projects. You pledge to pay a certain amount per piece of content - like $1 per page - then every time I upload a page it charges you $1. It's a neat way to support content that otherwise might not be made.

You can pledge any amount, and you can set a monthly limit so you don't go over your budget if I upload a million pages (hah!).

There are also different reward tiers. Currently, all patrons get comic pages 2 weeks in advance, and the higher tiers get access to high-res and no-text versions of the pages. Just click the image above to go to the patreon page and see the latest details.
Bish, wut? 2015-01-17 20:53:42
Spoon 2015-02-05 21:56:12
"Right now pages go up on patreon once a week, then go up for the public a week later."
Did this change? Because it is clearly more then 2 weeks now :O
Admin 2015-02-05 23:01:35
Earlier in the comic I uploaded 2 pages at once, so now it's 2 weeks ahead.

For images and animations, I've decided not to make them public until I have something to replace them. So there's always one in the patreon queue.
TobiButNotReally-IPromise 2015-03-22 15:28:53
So I made one of those patreons. Where do I go to view them? :)
Admin 2015-03-22 15:44:42
Go here: and click things.
Lurker 2015-04-08 00:14:09
Could you please add the controls to this page as well?
As it is, it is impossible to skip to the latest published panel since the "last" button takes us to this page but there is no way to go back.

Thank you.
Admin 2015-04-09 04:02:13
>Could you please add the controls to this page as well?

I have updated the site and this feature should be working now. This exact page won't change but navigating the comics should work.

You can also go to the index page for each comic by clicking the "stop" navigation button and go to any page from there.