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Madblaster6 2014-05-11 00:26:20
I hope there's more.
John 2014-05-11 06:25:00
Is this a random photo, or is this a new comic coming out soon?
John 2014-05-11 06:25:25
Nevermind, I did not read the tags before
JooJ 2014-05-11 13:09:58
Love the anatomy in this one. :)
Admin 2014-05-11 18:12:38
@John, It's just a random idea, I have tagged anything that is sequential or has words in it as a "comic"
spelling nazi 2016-02-26 23:27:54
apologize is one 'p'
Admin 2016-02-27 19:11:31
>apologize is one 'p'

See, the problem is that photoshop doesn't have spell check.

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