2014-05-20 11:12:40
One of my favourite sketches! Now with superb colouring. You do full-figured women well!
Admin 2014-05-20 23:23:36
Yeah, I checked the logs and it seemed to be everyone's favorite sketch as far as clicking on things goes. Figured I better color it.
2014-05-21 21:40:47
There's another picture where this character is visibly pregnant. Is this image a prequel to that one? She's particularly voluptuous, her breasts appear swollen, and she's glowing.
Admin 2014-05-22 16:12:51
This one?

Her body isn't quit right there but, yeah pretty much. You can tell by the length of her hair :p
2017-10-01 01:43:18
Oh god, that top of hers is one minor movement away from dropping.

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