Slave Girl Short

Caitlyn Masked 2013-04-04 07:47:47
Very Sexy! I love how this demonstrates her small stature while at the same time emphasizes her feminine curves!
Floopy Floink 2013-04-04 12:48:06
Very nice! Is the male figure in this picture the same character as your recurring tall female with the horns, from other illustrations, who's transformed herself into a big dominant man here, to ravish the male-turned-female subby slave?

If so, that's my #1 one sexual fantasy; to have a sexy, beautiful woman impose a magic-based TG transformational swap with me, trading sexes, sizes and gender roles... and then, as a handsome and powerful hunk, completely owning me, an incredibly cute and feminine little curvaceous hottie, in the bedroom. So totally hot!
2017-10-01 02:00:26
Why state outright when you can imply so much with body language?

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