Lighter Chains V3 08
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scoo6asteveo 2016-05-22 20:19:09
oh, my. where's her hand drifting off to?
seredin 2016-05-25 22:50:43
Such a creative overlay with frame 2, very cool
scoo6asteveo 2016-05-31 00:01:32
the blending images portrays what Alison is feeling in such an amazing way!
Realgurl 2016-06-10 13:16:27
I hope you are doing more that porn with this talent of yours, if not keep up the porn.
@realgurl 2016-06-10 15:48:36
I'm certain they're porn site isn't the place to question that, and to the artist; I am jealous of your ability
X 2016-06-10 19:37:57
I really love this one. She's very aroused, and a deep, deep need is coming out of her... Love the 2 layers, especially how her dress rips open and her breasts come out, while you can see the hard cock inside her. Great work.
Lurch001 2016-06-11 15:43:59
Very nice and getting good
scoo6asteveo 2016-06-12 12:02:53
good observation, "X". Are her chains supposed to look red? or is it just the lighting? To me, it looks like the Mistress' sorcery is possibly at work here.
@scoo6 2016-07-03 14:26:23
The broom stick has the same tinting, my belief is that it is just due to the overlapping pictures in the frames

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